Feral Choir

Conducting the Feral Choir, Castle Douglas

Conducting the Feral Choir, Castle Douglas

Hello and welcome to The Feral Choir website

The roots of the Feral Choir came out of an evening class that Ali led back in 1995. In 2005 we decided to move from being a group to a choir and since then the Feral Choir has gone from strength to strength with some unforgettable performances.

Our new term has started and we are delighted to welcome some new members to the choir.  We are currently rehearsing for our Spring and Summer concerts (more details to follow):

How does the Feral Choir work?

We don’t hold auditions, and you aren’t expected to be able to read music. However, we are looking for people with enthusiasm and commitment. Singing in the choir is a team effort and the better your attendance, the better the performances we give. The expectation is that attendance from choir members is high. We also hope you will have a willingness to take part in concerts, because we are a performing choir – but if you just want to sing with the choir and not perform, that’s fine (but it’s helpful for Ali to know that that’s your intention).


When we do perform, we usually perform from memory, without words or music, so you may find it reassuring to know that many of the songs have minimal words to learn.  The culture at our rehearsals is to practice as much as possible by ear, but words and written music are also available, and if we practice with paper the intention is that the paper will gradually disappear!

Back up Learning Resources

Feral choir singersDon’t worry if coming to the choir all seems a bit overwhelming at first.  To begin with, just let yourself be carried by other singers until you begin to feel more confident.  Back at home, all the songs can be practiced from written music or from tracks which are available for members to download from the members area of this website.  Please remember that this music is only licensed to choir members only and should not be shared.

What Do We Sing?

We sing a diverse range of songs and styles mainly from British and American contemporary community songwriters, all of which chosen to sound right when sung by an acapella choir. Our Musical Director Ali Burns is one of the UK’s leading songwriters for community choirs and we’re often working on something original that she’s written for the choir. Ali Burns also leads Edinburgh’s SongTribe choir and some of our repertoire is shared so we can perform together.

So, if you’re interested in joining a choir that works hard to build a community and sings and performs to the very best of our collective ability, then please visit the JOIN US page for more information.





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