Ali Burns

Ali Burns is one of the UK’s leading Natural Voice Choir Leaders and a songwriter and arranger who loves to write for community choirs – songs with lush, beautiful harmonies and simple text that are easy enough to learn by ear but satisfying and special to sing. Many of her songs have found their way into the repertoire – and hearts – of singers across the UK, and increasingly the USA, New Zealand and Australia. Her work is published by Faber, Sing Up! and Oxford University Press.
In 1995 she was a founding member of the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network, the international network for natural voice and community choir leaders, and she continues to be heavily involved in developing the organisation.


Ali has written extensively on good community practice in choir settings. In 2013 she co-wrote along with Christine Kydd The Choir Leader’s Training Pack for Scotland Sings. 2015 saw the publication of the latest in the widely acclaimed Oxford University Press Voiceworks series: Community Voiceworks: The Complete Resource for Community Choirs by Gitka Partington and Alison Burns.